Emotional little superheroes

2F337E7A-2B32-4EEC-84D0-6F547C09DE82Good morning wonderful cornwall and hello to two very tired little super hero’s.

Yesterday’s beach antics have left both kids (plus me and husband actually) very tired with that wonderful relaxed feeling. Actually we are relaxed, they are behaving like the world is against them. We all look windswept. I’m trying to convince myself that I’m channeling ‘beach hair’ in a cool way but actually it’s just rather large and smells of salt.

The only problem the day-after-the-long-beach-day before is that the kids are so knackered they are crying at everything. This mornings outbursts have already included: the weetabix not looking exactly like our Dog and the fact Ted arrived at the top of the stairs approximately 2 seconds before Holly. Stuff that even a mastermind of planing can’t allow for. They also both have those horrible puffy red circles under their eyes, I’m sure it’s the medication, any other Epilepsy mums find this?

So today we are going to cry, laugh and wash the beach out of our hair. If we are feeling a little braver we may attempt the giant soft play that’s on site, these places are crazy at the best of times but I literally can’t relax while Ted is there. Every child I hear cry I have to quickly check it’s not because the little guy got carried away with some giant ninja moves. I’m naturally not confrontational but I always feel like I have to be ready to go into battle with any parent at anytime. A problem that’s sadly inevitable when your child has a ‘special super power’ that isn’t visible. But positive pants on and tomorrow I’ll master that dog – shaped weetabix if it kills me.

C x

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