So yeah it’s not just me is it?

Is it just me? . I am mentally trying to think how I could have done something different to have avoided tonight’s huge meltdown with my 9yr old epileptic and ADHD son. We are in Cornwall – my ‘safe space’ I’d accounted for everything, I thought ‘hey 6 yrs in I’m a pro, nothings gonna catch me out this time’ but the lodge we set up on an OPPOSITE way to last time, FML, open the wine. Insert Traffic and absolute I’m ‘ON THE EDGE’ induced tears from all parties involved. Why didn’t the original park plan for children with Lennox Gastault syndrome not being able to deal with the bedrooms on the RIGHT instead of the LEFT?

In personality I am actually quite a calm person and I hate to say it ‘normal’ so apologies that my first post is filled with anger and frustration. It’s led me to vent here though, and not my husbands poor unsuspecting sleeping and relatively chewed off ear. Don’t worry I’ll chew it some more tomorrow after he passed out mid meltdown (sons not mine)

So. Bigger picture. Anyone else travelled down to Cornwall with 2 children severely on the ADHD spectrum, totally lost their cool and now trying to work out how they could have managed things differently? NB it doesn’t have to be in Cornwall! But kindling hoping you get the picture anyhow!! I guess we all need to hear that it’s ‘not just me’ from time to time.

Answers on a Cornish postcard. Or yah just comment, xx

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